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NHS Prescriptions

Private Consultations

For those who desire privacy, we will close the salon to other customers for the duration of your wig consultation. During the consultation, you will have the chance to try different hair and cap styles and feel the quality of a variety of acrylic and human hair wigs.

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NHS Prescriptions

MC3 is an approved supplier of wigs for NHS patients who are experiencing hair loss from illness or treatment. The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital runs a wig clinic every Tuesday where patients can chat to our staff about their wig options.

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Salon wig services

  • Wig Fixing from £15.00
  • Wig Fixing and cut / style from £50.00
  • Wig Reduction in size to fit head from £45.00
  • Standard Wig Wash (Shampoo and Conditioner) from £25.00
  • Premium Wig Wash (Shampoo, Conditioner, Fibre Oil, Finishing Spray) from £30.00
  • Hair Wash and Straighten Wig from £30.00
  • Hair Cut / Head Shave from £15.00
  • Aftercare Products (standard)
  • Dimples Shampoo 250ml £6.00
  • Dimples Fibre Oil 250ml £6.00
  • Dimples Conditioning Spray 250ml £6.00
  • Dimples Revitaliser 250ml £6.00
  • Dimples Finishing Hair Spray 250ml £8.00
  • Dimples Deluxe AfterCare Kit 250ml All above exc Revitaliser £24.00
  • Aftercare products (premium)
  • Synovation Shampoo 250ml £7.00
  • Synovation Fibre Oil 250ml £8.00
  • Synovation Conditioning Spray 250ml £8.00
  • Synovation Revitaliser 250ml £8.00
  • Synovation Finishing Spray £9.00
  • Synovation Deluxe AfterCare Kit 250ml (All above) £31.00
  • Aftercare accessories
  • Wig Tape Short 5m x 25mm £6.00
  • Wig Tape Long 23m x 24mm £18.00
  • Mesh wig cap £5.00
  • Hair retainer £5.00
  • Wig liner Bamboo £10.00
  • Polystyrene Head £5.00
  • Wig Stand (foldable) £5.00
  • Mannequin head for wig (long neck, Silver, Black, Cream etc) £22.00
  • Dimples Human hair eyebrows £65.00
  • Dimples False Eyebrow glue £15.00
  • Deluxe Comfy Grip Head Band £25.00
  • Wooden wig brush £6.00
  • Deluxe black brusg £4.00
Our Salon

Our Salon

From our Salon in Norwich city centre, we provide a calm relaxed atmosphere for our pre-booked stylist appointments and private wig consultations. We welcome visitors who would like to see and feel the quality of our range of hair products, hair extensions and wigs – available in synthetic, monofilament and natural styles.

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