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Example Styles and Prices

These are some of our most popular styles and example prices. If you are looking for something truly unique, book a 20 minute hair consultation to discuss your requirements.

  • Hair Consultation (20 mins) from £10.00
  • Box Braids (shoulder length) from £90.00
  • Box Braids (chest length) from £100.00
  • Box Braids (waist length) from £150.00
  • Corn Row (without extensions) from £30.00
  • Corn Row (with extensions) from £50.00
  • Crochet Braids (small) from £80.00
  • Crochet Braids (large) from £60.00
  • Senegalese Twists (jumbo / chest length) from £100.00
  • Senegalese Twists (small / chest length) from £150.00
  • Senegalese Twists (medium / shoulder length) from £130.00
  • Afro Kinky Twist (shoulder length) from £80.00
  • Ponytail from £50.00
  • Cornrow Ponytail (inc hair medium size) from £70.00
  • Brazilian Blow Dry from £120.00
  • Weave on with Ghana Cornrow in front from £80.00
  • Pick and Drop from £80.00
  • Weave on and Fix from £80.00
  • Weave on with Frontal from £100.00
  • Removal of Weave from £10.00
  • Wash only from £20.00
  • Wash and Blow dry from £25.00
  • Hair Straightening from £20.00
  • Haircut / Shave from £15.00
  • Hair with styling from £30.00
  • Relax Cut and style from £50.00
  • Relax with Salon Product from £40.00
  • Relaxing with Customers Product from £35.00
  • Oil Treatment from £20.00
  • Hair Stream Treatment from £25.00
  • Eyelash Extension from £25.00
  • Kids' Cornrow from £30.00
  • Single Box Braids (for kids) from £60.00
  • Single Box Braids (for kids older than 15 years) from £80.00
  • Male Cornrow from £30.00
  • Male Cornrow with Extensions from £40.00
  • Male Single Braid with no Extension from £50.00
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Our Salon

Our Salon

From our Salon in Norwich city centre, we provide a calm relaxed atmosphere for our pre-booked stylist appointments and private wig consultations. We welcome visitors who would like to see and feel the quality of our range of hair products, hair extensions and wigs – available in synthetic, monofilament and natural styles.

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